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Create Knowledge Books as you browse

Combine useful texts,images,videos and screenshots along with your feedback into a well organised notebook as you browse.

Format your Knowledge Books

Beautify your Knowledge Books using host of Formating and Editing options.

Share with the community

Share your Knowledge Books and explore other's books in the community.

Visualize Knowledge Books (Coming soon)

Using state of the art Graph algorithms,visualize and merge Knowledge graphs of various Knowledge books to create one of your own!

Our Vision

When we research on web,there is a strong disconnect in the way we organise that research and share it with others.KnowMap aims to solve this problem by letting users make in depth notes as they browse by combining useful texts,images,videos and screenshots along with their feedback into well organised Knowledge Books that are available for editing in a full screen comprehensive editor.These knowledge books can be shared with a vibrant community.We are also working on giving users their personalised search and visualisation engine using the power of Knowledge Graph taking advantage of state of the art graph algorithms.


Want to know more about KnowMap?Have a look at our screencast to explore all the features.